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Announcement Date : 13 mayo 2023

For several years, Argentina has experienced an unavoidable phenomenon: we are one of the countries that consume and produce pick ups the most, and thanks to this, in 2022 our market positioned itself as the main provider of medium-sized pickups in Latin America, according to figures from ACARA.

Argentina is located in fourth place, behind giants such as Thailand, the United States and China.

Looking at the numbers, in 2022 there were 252,482 medium-sized pickups in Argentina, which meant an increase of 10.2% compared to 2021, when 229,177 units had been manufactured. For its part, exports also increased, going from 162,890 units in 2021 to 174,797 in 2022.

Considering the local market, almost a third of the patents in 2022 were of this type since they have been incorporated as domestic vehicles that are used as vehicles for non-work use.

In the ranking of the 10 best-selling models in the last year, it can be seen that 3 pick ups appear.

This gives particularities to the after-sales market since the pick-up user has a different level of use, expectations and budget, which is why it defines great potential for the sector.

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