What do we offer?

Good understanding of the market and of its competitive environment

Since 1986, GiPA has carried out annual observatories of the automotive parc and the aftermarket consumers’ behaviour. These surveys are carried out in more than 30 countries. In addition, two-wheelers and trucks observatories are also available in some countries.
Given these fast changing markets and your need for regular insights, we provide you with all the answers to your specific issues regarding the automotive sector (identification of market opportunities, tracking of customer satisfaction etc.).

Transforming customer experience into a loyalty building lever and a customer winning strategy

All interactions between GiPA and its customers result in the continuous link of quality, satisfaction, loyalty and the willingness to advocate and to recommend.
As automotive aftermarket experts, we will be happy to assist you in measuring and monitoring customer experience and in determining the most profitable levers for your company.
Regardless of whether you are interested in continuous or one-off measurements, GiPA always offers the best solution to identify these levers.


Managing your brand and its communications

Consumers are willing to pay more for products/ services from a recognized brand name.
The performance of your business directly depends on the strength of your brand. Brand awareness and brand image are the key components to measure and track your brand’s health.
Whether you want to position yourself in relation to your competitors or to identify your strengths and weaknesses in detail, we always suggest the most efficient approach.

Developing your products and services

Innovation is one of the key sources of growth in your business.
Optimizing your service and product portfolio is frequently a source of opportunity
The design of new product and service offers also provides a lever for gaining new clients …
Our approach allows you to identify opportunities and generate concepts; we help you to select the most promising offers for your business while determining the product mix and assessing market potential.


Determining “optimum” price positioning

Are your products sold at the right price? The right price is the one that maximizes profitability (the highest price for the best volume).
We can help you to optimize your pricing strategy by:
– Analysing the brand positioning within its competitive field
– Identifying the psychological threshold of acceptance of the product by customers.

Auditing the service quality of your network and that of your competitors: mystery calls

In order for the brand to provide a consistent experience, monitoring tools are particularly useful in order to measure network performance. Mystery calls, mystery visits, audits of the competition … we are convinced that the success of your mystery shopping programs depends on excellent sector knowledge.
Our mystery programs provide you with all the necessary help to identify both the gaps and the areas of excellence throughout the customer process.
We offer you all the necessary tools to identify, respond to and manage your network and maximize the profitability of your business.