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Understanding your market and your competitive environment

Since 1986, GiPA has carried out observatories of the automotive parc and  the aftermarket consumers’ behaviour every year.

Developing your products and services

We help you to select the most promising offers for your business while determining the product mix and assessing market potential.

Transforming customer experience into a loyalty building lever and a customer winning strategy

We will be happy to help you measure and monitor the  experience of your customers

Managing of your brand and its communications

The performance of your business directly depends on the strength of your brand. Whether you want to benchmark yourself in relation to your competitors or to measure your strengths and weaknesses in detail, we always suggest the most efficient process.

Determining “optimum” price positioning

Do the points of sale know your brand? What is its image? What is its market share in value? In volume?

Auditing the service quality of your network and that of your competitors: mystery calls

Our mystery programs provide you with all the necessary help to identify any gaps/ missing points and areas of excellence throughout the customer process.


Variables that affect the workshop entries in the aftermarket in Mexico: 

First important fact: The growth of the automotive aftermarket in a country depends highly on car registrations, and with an increasing trend in car sales, usually the car parc´s increase generates more maintenance and repair services. So due to the importance of this, the traditional strategies focus on thinking that this is the only variable to follow in order to measure the size of the workshop entries in the aftermarket but, surprise! This is not completely true.

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