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GiPA is able to help you manage your strategies (customer relationship, brand, new services and products …) by offering access to our comprehensive range of market research services.

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The reference tool to understand and measure the automotive aftermarket

Light vehicles: Aftermarket Trends Observatory and Panorama Aftermarket Data

GiPA carries out multi-client surveys offering a thorough understanding of behaviour and expectations of the following targets:

  • Drivers
  • Repairers and Parts Distributors

Aftermarket Trends Observatory surveys are carried out annually in countries with established automotive and aftermarket sectors. Panorama Aftermarket Data surveys are available in markets with smaller and growing aftermarket. They are updated every 2,3 or 4 years.


GiPA carries out two multi-client surveys in the two-wheeler market.
Alternating each year, we focus on two target groups:

  • Motorized two-wheeler drivers
  • Two-wheeler repairers

These two observatories are available in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Upon request, these observatories can also be carried out in other countries.

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Heavy goods vehicles

Alternating each year, GiPA offers two heavy goods vehicle modules, each one of them dedicated to a specific target:

  • Users: any type of truck fleet (> 3.5 t), with or without an integrated workshop
  • Heavy goods vehicles repairers: manufacturer networks, independent repairers, …

These observatories are available in Spain, France, Italy and Mexico.
Upon request, these observatories can also be carried out in other countries as well.


GiPA's tools

Analysis tools which are specific to your business and approved by GiPA

  • Determine brand coverage by share of point of sale
  • Measure the potential of these points of sale
  • Evaluate brand market share
  • Measure and analyse the performance of the existing distribution
  • This survey gives you access to the following information:
    • Market share of the channels regarding the specific product
    • Market share of brands by channel type
    • Analysis of brand performance by channel, market value and market size
  • This data provides significant help in defining sales forces objectives
  • Detailed information on the aftermarket behaviour of drivers
  • Detailed comparison and analysis of the results by brand parc
  • A complementary tool to the ATO surveys. The collected information enables detailed study of the aftermarket behaviour on the parc (for one or several brands) to feed into your customer service strategy
  • Identify all listed manufacturers per product group and range segment (high, medium, low)
  • Determine the market shares within each range segment
  • Anticipate consumer trends within each range segment
  • Assess price positioning within each range segment and between segments
  • This survey allows a competition analysis in order to determine your competitive positioning. The results will help you to define the brand positioning you should adopt to distributors.
  • Understanding of the structure of the market at each level of the distribution chain (purchasing price and selling price)
  • Price benchmarking of the chains
  • Defining the weight of parts and labour costs
  • This survey offers you an important tool for determining your pricing policy
  • Compare the final cost of using the models of different brands (whilst respecting the car manufacturers recommendations and/ or estimating the costs of wearing parts)
  • Report objectively on the total cost of a car (for a private person or professional)
  • Analyse the maintenance and repair services of the different car manufacturers
  • Benchmarking your competitive position enables you to provide your sales force with compelling market messages and to improve your aftersales service strategy
  • Analysis may include: new car sale, second-hand sale, servicing costs (parts and labour), repair costs (parts and labour), fuel consumption, insurance, tyres, etc.
  • Measure accurately the penetration per channel on the car parc (independently of the parc structure)
  • Compare  penetration rates according to different geographical areas (countries, regions …), or according to car brands
  • Track the development of the indicator for a specific channel
  • This survey enables to have an objective indicator for measuring the performance of a channel or a sign, independently of the parc structure
  • Measure brand awareness (top of mind – spontaneous – prompted)
  • Evaluate and compare brand image
  • Determine the market shares of the brand
  • Determine the profile of brand purchasers and specifiers
  • Results are derived from studies with both driver and trade audiences. They deliver key metrics to help promote your brand with professional networks and end users.



We suggest the most suitable methodological approach to meet your needs.

Qualitative surveys (focus groups, individual interviews, observations) allow you to update and understand perceptions, motivations and expectations towards a service, a product category or brand.
Qualitative surveys guide your marketing decisions and are often a prerequisite for quantitative surveys (assistance in drafting the questionnaire – defining a concept test etc.).

Smartphone, internet, face to face or by telephone … we choose the most suitable methodology in order to collect the information relevant to describing and quantifying the attitudes, opinions and behaviours of a population.
In addition to qualitative surveys, quantitative studies require a large number of questionnaires in order to ensure statistical representativeness (drivers, repairers, distributors, fleet managers etc.).

Understanding service quality delivered by your network and consequently helping your network deploy the best practices.
Mystery shopping, mystery calls … are measurement, management and progress tools. GiPA allows you to manage your network and each single sale point. By identifying Best Practice, we help you build customer loyalty, increase your sales and optimize operating costs.

Desk Research is exploratory market analysis and is often a prerequisite for a further in-depth survey. It presents the types of clients, market players and indicates initial market trends.